Three Republican women who are the most leery of the proposals

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Their essays were deemed the Canada Goose Online local

Fort Morgan students honored for Patriot’s Pen essays

Fort Morgan eighth graders Fernando Marquez and Brayan Orona learned that completing a writing assignment really can pay off, and sometimes in more than just getting a good grade.

Essays written by Marquez and Orona for their language arts uk canada goose outlet class at Lighthouse Seventh Day Adventist Christian School in Fort Morgan also were entered into the Patriot’s Pen uk canada goose youth writing contest offered by VFW Post No. 2551 and Fort Morgan VFW Auxiliary. Their essays were deemed the Canada Goose Online local contest’s two winners, and Marquez received a $50 check and Orona got a $30 check.

canada goose decoys uk Fort Morgan VFW Auxiliary President JoAnn DeSamber and VFW Post No. 2551 Commander buy canada goose jacket cheap Carol Thomas were both excited to be able to honor the two local essay contest winners, which they did Thursday morning at Lighthouse SDA School. canada goose decoys uk

Last year, honoring winners was not an option, and not from lack of resources for giving out prizes.

“We didn’t get any entries last year,” DeSamber said.

The two Fort Morgan women sought to change that this year, visiting local schools and trying to spread the word about the essay contest, which had a theme of “America’s Gift to My Generation.” One of the schools they approached was Lighthouse SDA School.

canada goose uk shop Lighthouse language arts canada goose and science teacher Karen Reinke liked cheap canada goose the idea and made writing essays with the contest’s theme an assignment for her students. Six of them then submitted their essays to the VFW for consideration, and two of those were picked as the winners.”We decided to go with the two places,” DeSamber said. “That way, we canada goose black friday sale could give them a better prize.” canada goose uk shop

canada goose uk official The essays by Marquez and Orona were chosen because of the students’ development of their ideas about the theme, she said. canada goose uk official

“They talked about new technology, but also the new sciences that are used to help our military,” DeSamber said, as well as freedom of religion and how Canada Goose Outlet people have died to protect that right for future generations.

Reinke was not surprised that these two essays were the contest’s winners.

“These two are pretty sharp,” she said of Marquez and Orona.

“I feel good that I got to get first place,” Marquez said. “I wrote about religion and what it means to me and how it involves our church.”

canada goose outlet authentic He said it had not been an easy essay to write, but he was glad he put in the effort especially since it had paid off so much. canada goose outlet authentic

canada goose womens uk Orona also said he had a hard time at first with writing the essay, but he too was happy about the outcome of entering the contest. canada goose womens uk

He said he focused on “technology and how it helps our nation,” with the military protecting the United States.

“We’ve been learning about wars, and the technology helps defend our nation,” Orona said.

canada goose outlet factory While DeSamber and canada goose uk black friday Thomas would have liked to have gotten a lot more entries in the contest yet this year, the likelihood of it being a smaller competition pool was part of what spurred the Lighthouse teacher into making it an assignment. canada goose outlet factory

“I was excited because canadian goose jacket many times with writing contests, there are so many thousands and thousands of entries,” Reinke said.

In the past, her students have asked her what chance they really had with such contests.

After hearing from DeSamber and Thomas, Reinke thought her students might have a chance, so she told them about it and made it an assignment.

“I let them know about what the prizes were, which was motivating,” the teacher said.

The students’ essays then went through multiple rounds of editing, including peer editing, Reinke said, and then six of them submitted their essays to the Fort Morgan VFW Post.

When she announced at the school that there were two winners among the Lighthouse students’ entries, the students could barely believe it.

“They buy canada goose jacket said, “Mrs. Reinke, you’re always making us do these things, and we never win,'” the teacher recalled Canada Goose online of seeing their surprised faces. “So this has been very exciting for my students.”

Thomas and DeSamber had goodies for the other Lighthouse students, too, giving them pens covered in stars and stripes and some other small trinkets. The students were smiling as they checked out what the two women had passed out.

Thomas said she hopes next year’s Patriot’s Pen contest Canada Goose sale in Fort Morgan will draw more entries.

canada goose emory parka uk “We’ve got to figure out a way to get into the schools,” she said, and get more teachers interested in having their students participate in the contest canada goose emory parka uk.

He will provide the shipping agent to have the puppies shipped

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A lot of recruitment comes from word of mouth

canada goose You might be able to make friends with the people who sit by you in class, or the people who live in your dorm, but the best way to meet people is going to a group that has similar interests or hobbies as you do. Like sports? Music? Video games? Movies? Or maybe you’re passionate about politics or social issues? Is there a religious group? Most colleges have a wide variety of clubs. Don’t overload yourself, but attend as many as possibly interest you when the school year starts. canada goose

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“Public replica Purse safety” is

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“It’s a trend replica hermes plates that I have had more

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UBC is an international university which encourages links with

Canada Goose sale One study published last March in the journal Criminology looked at whether increasing illegal immigration over the last three decades caused an increase in violent crime. The answer was no. In fact, the researchers found that states with higher shares of undocumented immigrants generally had lower crime rates than those with smaller shares of immigrants.. Canada Goose sale

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Narcissistic personality traits seem to have risen as quickly

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